ODESSEY is an exploration of the ways in which music can enhance the spoken word and how the spoken word can focus and inspire the accompanying music. Neither is subservient to the other and, if we get it right, the result is always greater than the sum of the parts. Meeting as soulmates, strangers, lovers, friends, rivals, enemies, childhood sweethearts, equal partners, ardent suitors, old married couples - sometimes arguing, sometimes laughing, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in tears, sometimes silent, sometimes knowing, sometimes unknown.


A holiday romance,  a gentle encounter, a torrid affair,  a moment of truth, a moment of doubt, a passionate greeting, a cold farewell, a kiss as bitter and sweet as life itself.



Words give meaning and direction to the music.


Music gives rhythm and passion to the words.







The ODESSEY COMBO is an interchangable group of musicians, composers, writers and performers who are working together to explore the union of music and words.